My way of letting off steam!

Permit me to say a few words about this article.

It isn’t necessarily easy for anyone to ‘come out’ about their sexuality and when it is done it is rarely without some cost.
But fortunately we are now where we are because over the years people, sometimes with great courage, have acknowledged their sexuality and have realised that they are happier, more fulfilled, healthier and more honest when they have said publicly ‘I am gay’. Nowadays we can listen to and read the stories of those brave people who took the step and, sometimes despite persecution, knew that it was better to be ‘out’ rather than to stay ‘in’, and often such people are inspiring. All these people have paved the way for us and we should be grateful.

This article from last week’s Church Times was therefore good to read, because every ‘coming out’ should be applauded, but it only gets two cheers from me.

So, come on, John tell us more, if you will.

Are you really saying that its only recently that you realised you were gay? Or have you been hanging on for the arrival of that safe day when you could finally spill the beans? Some of us did not have the luxury of such safety.

Is it really the case that that tragic story of the Manchester school girl forced the acknowledgement out of you, or would you have stayed in the closet if you hadn’t read the story?
It surely couldn’t have been just a preacher’s device to get empathy from a potentially difficult sermon, could it? I don’t want to sound cynical.

And what sort of counselling and support have you given over the years to those who were in the same situation as you, and have there been times when you really haven’t been true to yourself? Come on, tell us the truth. Its ok, in our community we are quite big on forgiveness.

Finally, can we now expect more positive words and actions from you to combat the possibly resulting antagonism to your, in my eyes, very limited courage. You have a greater responsibility now to yourself and us, in the wider LGBT community. We look forward to hearing more from you.

Well, John, your new journey has only just begun – good luck.

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