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London Pride

This is my time to say how much I love London. Of all the cities in the world London is my favourite.
When I was about 10, my grandfather, took me my on my first visit. We walked down Cheapside, past St Mary le Bow as he told me that our family came from Bethnal Green and were Cockneys because they were born within the sound of Bow bells. With pride I tell you that an ex student is now the Rector of that church.
We walked up Lombard Street, the home of London banking and he explained about the bank signs outside the buildings. He forgot to tell me, as I later discovered, that my great grandfather had once been the caretaker of one of them.
It was easy to find the Monument, close by, because this was a time before today’s modern sky scrapers had been built and then it was one of the tallest structures in the city. We climbed it’s stairs to view the vast panoply around us and looked down on smelly Billingsgate Fish Market by its side.
We listened for the bell and ran when we heard it; it was the warning that Tower Bridge was being raised. What a sight it was as the ships sailed through to dock at the wharves right in the centre of the City.
Those memories of London are just a handful of the hundreds I have built up over the decades and time hasn’t dulled my love of the place.
Noel Coward wrote a song called ‘London Pride’. It’s a sentimental old piece but I was reminded of it as I took in the horrors of last night’s terrorist attack. It nevertheless captures the feeling of what London Town means to us and how that feeling could not even begin to be destroyed by the actions of so called religious people, hardly out of nappies.
Sail on, London!


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