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An Ideal Report of a Meeting With PPG Representatives during A CQC GP Practice Inspection

Prior to the meeting a phone call with the Chair will have taken place to express appreciation for being willing to attend. Also confirmation about who will be there.

On the day:-

Good afternoon everyone. I’m ….. and  you are? Shakes hands with each by name.  I’m sorry for the delay but it’s been difficult to keep to our schedule today. Would you like to follow me – we are going to use one of the GPs consulting room.

Proceed to the room

As I said I am……. I’ve been a CQC inspector for ……. and previous to this present role I was working as…… This is my ….n…th GP Practice inspection.

Tell me a bit about yourselves and how long you have been a part of your PPG

We really do value the time and effort which PPGs put in to enable Medical Centres to reflect the needs of its patients and so I’m glad to have this opportunity to meet with you today. Your participation and comments matter to us in this inspection.

Your practice manager has given me some documentation about your PPG. I have some minutes of some previous meetings and some other documents and I know you have had a short meeting of PPG  members to prepare for our discussion.

Before we chat about the work of your PPG I wondered if you had seen our document ‘A guide for working together’ which sets out the ways in which  PPGs can work with the CQC. It is available on line but its a long document and your Practice Manager would be glad, I know, to photocopy  it for you. We recommend using the guide as you prepare our agendas for action.

Some questions for you:-

It would be good to hear your views about your PPG and how you think things are going.

What progress do you think the Medical Centre has made over the last year?

Does the Practice encourage you to suggest any improvements and changes in its work and how have they responded to what you have suggested?

What work has the PPG planned for this current year? Have you considered including these issues…….?

Are there any special changes which you think the Centre might make this year?

Is there anything else you would like to tell me?

If you wish to add anything else confidentially you can, do so on our web site.

Well thanks for giving me this opportunity to listen to you. We realise that you are volunteers and I know that the Centre really appreciates the time and effort you have given to its work and I know that your responses today will be of value to the inspectors as they make their report.

Shakes hands with all and they are shown out.

What actually happened?

No contact made with the Chair or anyone beforehand.

No apology for keeping us waiting 15 minutes.

No explanation who this inspector was or what qualified him for doing the job.

No knowledge of us or names or used them during the meeting.

Hadn’t seen any documentation about our PPG and asked if we kept minutes etc.

When he was told that it wasn’t clear what CQC documentation he was referring to, we were told we could look on line for it, if we wanted to see it. Actually it emerged later that we did know about the documentation.

Did not sufficiently guide us into dealing with his specific criteria for inspection.

He asked about the worst features of the Centre!

Didn’t express appreciation for what we were doing as volunteers.

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