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Welcome to my blog.

‘When I use a word, it means exactly what I choose it to mean’ – Humpty Dumpty.


Say it with a stern face, with a smile, with a loud voice, or with a sincere voice and a word achieves a new significance.


I was reminded of that last night during the First Night of the Proms concert in the Royal Albert Hall. The work being performed was Edward Elgar’s ‘The Kingdom’; a quietish meditative work, which didn’t thrill me.


However what got me was the use of some texts from The Acts of the Apostles which were nothing more than statements and not of theological worth, but in Elgar’s  hands given the right facial appearances from the performers, achieved a mock significance and so became comic.


Next time I will try saying ‘the time is 1 o’clock’ in a suitably pious way and add a tune, but it wont achieve the significance I want because my name isn’t Edward Elgar.


There’s a lesson here.



Comments on: "Welcome to my blog." (2)

  1. mediatx said:

    Indeed. It’s not what you say it’s how you say it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes thanks


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